DECT numbers

You can pre-register for an Eventphone number here. So far we have

Al - 3767 (drop)
Sam - 3246 (echo)
Kitty - 5489 (kity)



For those that are taking the Eurotunnel and then tackling European motorways, the route. Google estimates 3 hours 42 minutes from Calais to the campsite.


Travel arrangements

I've now booked tickets on the Eurotunnel:
  • Folkestone - Calais: 11:20 on 20090812
  • Calais - Folkestone: 20:20 on 20090816
This is for Sam, Kitty and Pete in Beryl. I believe that Al and Mike are booked on the same crossings in the Turbo Terrific 9. Anybody else?